Perfect Earth began when two generations came to realize that they shared a similar dream – that with the right support, sustainable contract organic farming can produce  amazing products AND be attractive to farmers and their families.

Together, we saw an opportunity. When we tried food grown organically on certified fallow soil, the taste was not just guilt-free, but actually surprisingly full of flavor – just flat out better tasting. So we set out finding ways to make special varieties of this great food available to people around the world, working with rural farmers in underdeveloped areas, making sure they farm the land in a respectful and sustainable manner and receive at least their fair share.

We share the belief that everyone on this planet we call home should respect both what it gives and what it needs. As all living things require nourishment, this is one very essential link mankind has with nature.

Thus our dream for a Perfect Earth began with food – tasty, nutritious, and organic food grown in a way that is good for the land, the farmers their families.  The idea is simple. That’s what makes it perfect.

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