Skinnybik are a “better for you” range of  low sugar  biscuits  (2g/biscuit) with a 4.5 health star rating. They are so good, they (up to 4 biscuits) can be eaten for breakfast! They were recently voted healthiest biscuit choice by dietitian Melanie McGrice for Channel 9 Coach.

The range includes a wholesome low fructose (0.2g/cookie) tummy friendly option “Spelt date and butterscotch” containing oat bran (15%), wholemeal spelt flour (16%), a little almond meal and dates (1g each/biscuit), whole eggs and canola oil. They have a unique scone like oaty texture.

The biscuits have been tested by an independent laboratory as being low FODMAP at a serve of 2 biscuits. Some of Dr. Kouris' IBS patients can tolerate up to 4 biscuits a day.  

Compared to plain oatmeal/wheat biscuits, Skinnybik Spelt are reduced (or skinny) in: 
- Calories by 20-25% (only 52 calories each 14g)
- Refined starch and sugar by 40%-50% (5g carbs, 2g sugar/biscuit), 
- 340% more fibre (1.5g/biscuit)  
- Fats by 28%, saturated fats by 85%
- Salt by 80%
- With 75% more protein  

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