Cusi (from the indigenous Andean Kichwa word Kushi, meaning joy) are a small family business that produce healthy, minimally processed and handmade foods that give new uses to traditional Andean grains and vegetables. Made with organic and natural ingredients sustainably sourced from local farms, Cusi are committed to providing high quality, nutrient rich products that not only taste delicious, but help you take care of your body.

Cusi’s range of pancake mixes have been developed as a healthy alternative to traditional mixes that are often high in sugar and processed ingredients. Using wholegrain, fruit and vegetable flours, Cusi mixes provide unique nutritional properties such as a high dietary fibre content and essential vitamins and minerals. They are also preservative free, refined sugar free and vegan friendly, with gluten free, paleo and certified organic options.

Not just for breakfast, Cusi pancakes can be enjoyed anytime of day, any way you like. Once you perfect your pancake stack, why not try crepes or waffles!

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