We believe that everyone can savor their life with every bite.

We all deserve to enjoy delicious and nutritious food, confident in the future free from consequences or chronic gut distress.

Through cutting-edge research and with a polyol solution in development, we develop novel enzymes that break down FODMAPs directly and stimulate a shift in the way people approach food.

When our co-founder Anjie was recommended to go on the low-FODMAP diet by her gastroenterologist in 2015, she quickly learned that the diet is no walk in the park.

Anjie was bombarded with the fact that FODMAPs are everywhere, especially in her favorite foods. This made social events - especially food-centered events - incredibly stressful and a digestive landmine.

Anjie decided to shake things up by using a targeted approach to address FODMAPs directly, rather than avoid a ton of delicious and nutritious foods altogether.

She rallied up a group of world-class experts in enzymology, biotechnology, medicine, and nutrition, and joined forces with her co-founder David Hachuel, who has spent the last few years helping folks suffering from gut disorders with digital tools.

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FODZYME™ Test Kit (10 Powder Doses) FODZYME™ Test Kit (10 Powder Doses)

FODZYME™ Test Kit (10 Powder Doses)


Introducing FODZYME™ - The novel enzyme powder that's revolutionising how Fodmappers eat! While a low FODMAP diet can help identify your trigger foods, it can also be really restrictive (and frankly, impossible at.

FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses

FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses


The world's first solution to target FODMAPs directly so you can stop avoiding your favourite foods. FODZYME™ is a novel patent-pending enzyme supplement that breaks down the FODMAPs fructan, galacto-oligosaccharides.