FodShop is proud to have the FODMAPPED range of low FODMAP ready-to-use sauce, curry, soup and heat & heat products. FODMAPPED is the world's first FODMAP & IBS friendly dedicated brand, offering a delicious and convenient way to prepare food during a busy week while following a low FODMAP diet.

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The FODMAPPED Soup Trio (1.5kg)


For soup lovers, these healthy, hearty favourites are just PERFECT for emergencies when cooking from scratch or defrosting your freezer stash just isn't possible. These flavour saviours are great for work.

Totally FODMAPPED! All FODMAPPED Products (3kg) Totally FODMAPPED! All FODMAPPED Products (3kg)

Totally FODMAPPED! All FODMAPPED Products (3kg)

$69.99 $71.91

Fancy a taste of everything from Australia's first FODMAP friendly dedicated brand? Do it all with the FODMAPPED pack of dreams, including stir frys, soups and simmer sauces! PACK INCLUDES:.

FODMAPPED Slow Roasted Vegetable Tomato Pasta Sauce (375g)


With slow-roasted tomato, eggplant & capsicum, this pasta sauce has the lovely intensity of Italian cooking, minus the garlic & onion. A nutritious and delicious option, especially for those following.

FODMAPPED Roasted Pumpkin & Hint of Sage Soup (500g)


For soup lovers, this hearty favourite is convenient for a quick work lunch, great to have when you don't feel like cooking, simply heat, eat, then put up your feet! Serve size:.

FODMAPPED Lamb & Vegetable Soup (500g)


FODMAPPED Lamb + Vegetable Soup is a convenient, hearty meal packed with a delicious and nutritious blend of lamb, pumpkin, carrots, celery, brown rice and herbs. Simply heat and eat! Serving size: 250g.

FODMAPPED Sweet Chilli Basil & Lemongrass Stir-fry Simmer Sauce (200g)


Perfect for summer eating, this stir-fry is packed with fresh Asian inspired flavours, it is easy to prepare and simply delicious! All you need to do is add your favourite.

The IBS Friendly Home Cooking Pack (4kg) The IBS Friendly Home Cooking Pack (4kg)

The IBS Friendly Home Cooking Pack (4kg)

$75.99 $84.99

This pack is for the home cook who wants to keep week night meals easy and breezy. All gluten free and low FODMAP to help keep tummy symptoms at bay..

The Souperb Winter Warmer Soup Bundle! (3kg)


Like the look of all our soups, but can't decide which you'd prefer? Look no further than this Ultimate Winter Warmer Soup Bundle, with all the variety of low FODMAP.

FODMAPPED Red Wine & Italian Herbs Tomato Pasta Sauce (375g)


A delicious blend of tomato, red wine and Italian herbs, including thyme, oregano and basil. This pasta sauce is a nutritious, quick and easy meal to prepare when served with.

FODMAPPED Minestrone Soup (500g)


Finally a ready-to-eat low FODMAP soup you CAN eat! This garlic & onion-free pouch of deliciousness will warm you right up throughout a cold winter, or for when you just.

FODMAPPED Green Curry Simmer Sauce (200g)


This Thai inspired Green Curry will delight your taste buds. It is quick, easy to prepare and ready in just 20 minutes! Serve size: 100g per serve is low FODMAP, 2 serves.

FODMAPPED Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce (200g)


This Indian-inspired butter chicken curry simmer sauce is quick and easy to prepare. Just add chicken, carrot, potato and tomato, then serve with steamed Basmati rice for a delicious meal..

FODMAPPED Teriyaki Simmer Sauce (200g)


Teriyaki chicken tonight, anyone? We'll say yes please, to this no garlic no onion delicious Teriyaki sauce, made for low FODMAPpers looking for delicious home-made Japanese inspiration. Cook up some.