Over ten years ago, a master chef, an elite footballer and an expert dietitian, got together and created a new way to live nutritiously... Dineamic.

Their hope? To help people be their very best.

They shared the belief that great tasting, nutritious food can influence great performance, on and off the field.

They were determined to make Australia healthier, one meal at a time.

Ten years on, we still believe the same thing. Sure, we still feed elite athletes Australia wide, and now we feed lots of other people too. People are looking for a more convenient ways to enjoy better food, better health, and a better environment.

Over time we have evolved our range to suit every dietary or lifestyle group. Whether you are strictly vegan, part-time vegetarian, or need gluten or dairy free, we have something delicious for you.

Our hand-made meals cater to people who are:

• Gluten free • Dairy free • Vegan • Vegetarian • Low FODMAP

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