ElementGold was developed for the Australian market by Vitramed Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia, a supplier to the gastroenterology market in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore for over 10 years.

Gastroenterologists in Australia brought to our attention that there was not a lot of choice in the elemental diet market in Australia. ElementGold was developed over 5 years in conjuntion with Imix Nutrition (the manufacturer of the very successful Absorb Plus elemental diet product,) to meet Australian regulations, including the Food for Special Medical Purposes section of the Food Standard Australia New Zealand code.

Our focus has been on maximising the quality of ingredients in ElementGold whilst ensuring ElementGold tastes as good as it can to help people comply with their elemental diet needs.

We are proud to be bringing this premium, tasty elemental diet to the market and look forward to future developments with Imix including introducing new flavours and varients for the health benefit of our customers.

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ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla (1kg)


ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla is a tasty shake that allows for the rapid uptake and absorption of nutrients in a way that minimises the risk of triggering sensitive digestive systems. Originally formulated.