At PINCHA SALT we all have one thing in common - FLAVOUR. That's why we are constantly adding to our LOW FODMAP range of artisanal Flavoured Salt Blends, Gourmet Seasoned Rubs and delicious Dukkahs.  We are committed to helping the FODMAP community get their flavour back and create products the WHOLE family can enjoy in meals together.

We strive to source local first heroing Native Basil, Rosella, Kaffir Lime, Native Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Superfoods such as Lemon Lemon Myrtle and Kakadu Plum, Salt Bush, Wattle seed, and Native Pepperberry, to name just some Australian native botanicals. We source products from Australia's Northern Territory, as well as other parts of our wonderful country.

Some spices are only grown overseas, but we strive to stay as Australian based as possible. Our 100% Saltbush comes from the outer Barossa Valley region of South Australia; perfect for those on Low Sodium or LOW FODMAP diets. Pepperberry and Truffles from Tasmania, grow in pristine mountain air, said to be the cleanest air in the world. Lemon Myrtle from beautiful sunny Queensland. Kakadu plum from my NT "backyard".

We choose organically grown and pesticide free, with NO NASTIES or added MSG. Our seasonings and spices are Gluten Friendly, and NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING.

Salt comes in many forms - Rock, Sea, Underground, Grey, Pink Himalayan Salt, and even Black! So depending on the blend we have taken advantage of these different Salts, mixed them with seasonings and spices to create flavored blends with uniqueness and individuality which defines Pincha Salt products. So if you're going to add a PINCHA SALT, add one with flavour. Please ENJOY!

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