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Dineamic Indian Vegetable Curry (500g, 2 Serves) - FRESH PRODUCT, ONLINE ORDERS ONLY


Packed with locally sourced veggies like sweet potato, zucchini and carrot, and cooked in traditional Indian aromatics with a touch of chilli. Our Indian Vegetable Curry will satisfy your curry cravings.  Best matched with our Coconut Cauliflower Rice, Wild Rice Blend or Turmeric & Currant Rice.  Heating instructions: -Stove Top:Immerse pouch in boiling water and.

Dineamic Creamy Wild Mushroom Ragu (500g, 2 serves) - FRESH PRODUCT, ONLINE ORDERS ONLY


We used five mushrooms to create this decadent vegetarian dish. Button, yellow boletes, oyster, cloud ear and shitake mushrooms are mixed with herbs and cream to make this comforting and.

Dineamic Chicken Burrito Mix (500g, 2 Serves) - FRESH PRODUCT, ONLINE ORDERS ONLY


A crowd favourite here at Dineamic, our Chicken Burrito Mix is light and tasty. Made with free range chicken mince, garlic, onion, corn, 4 bean mix and Mexican spices. We think this fun dish is best served with.

Dineamic Beef Chilli Con Carne (500g, 2 Serves) - FRESH PRODUCT, ONLINE ORDERS ONLY


This dish is the unanimous chef and cooks favourite in the Dineamic kitchen! A hearty Mexican dish made with grass fed beef, red kidney beans, fresh tomatoes and chilli. Our Beef Chilli Con Carne is the MOST loved dish by all.