Nextjen Gluten-Free began in the kitchen of Chef Jen Peters who honed her skills as a protégé of Chef Bruno Marti, the beloved godfather of fine dining cuisine in Canada.

With Chef Marti’s guidance, Jen developed an uncompromising dedication to high-quality food ingredients. She then worked and trained in Michelin-starred restaurants in England. After returning home to Vancouver, BC and discovering she was gluten intolerant, she was determined to find a way to keep delicious breads, scones, and pastas in her life.

In her own home kitchen, she began research to create a gluten-free, hassle-free all-purpose baking blend that would allow her to enjoy life without giving up her favourite foods or settling for low-quality alternatives. In 2012, Jen finally perfected her recipe and founded Nextjen Gluten-Free with her partner, Chef Hamid Salimian.

The goal of Nextjen Gluten-Free is to provide the best ingredients, blended in perfect proportion with balanced flavour, for home bakers and professional chefs to incorporate into their gluten-free kitchen seamlessly.

They have carefully chosen natural and wholesome ingredients, organic whenever possible, and free of as many common allergens as possible while maintaining the workability and versatility to make beautiful breads, cakes, and scones as well as pasta and savouries.

Nextjen sprouts and mills their own buckwheat with a traditional stone mill and are committed to making their gluten-free Vegan baking blend GMO-free, corn-free, preservative-free, dairy-free, sulphite-free and egg-free. 

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