FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses

FODZYME™ 60 Powder Doses


The world's first solution to target FODMAPs directly so you can stop avoiding your favourite foods. FODZYME™ is a novel patent-pending enzyme sup ...


The world's first solution to target FODMAPs directly so you can stop avoiding your favourite foods.

FODZYME™ is a novel patent-pending enzyme supplement that breaks down the FODMAPs fructan, galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), and lactose, common gut symptom triggers. 

When sprinkled on or mixed with high FODMAP meals, FODZYME™ begins breaking down problematic FODMAP molecules into smaller and more digestible ones. FODMAPs are known to be responsible for excessive fermentation by gut microorganisms or the appearance of osmotic effects that can result in symptoms like gas, bloating, abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits (diarrhoea or constipation). 

Serving size information: Sprinkle 1/4 tsp (0.75g) on food.

This product is a Low FODMAP food and is certified under the Monash University Low FODMAP program


Enzyme blend (12mg) - Inulinase, Lactase, Alpha-Galactosidase.

Other ingredients: Dextrose, Corn Starch, Maltodextrin.

Contains NO: Gluten, Milk, Casein, Soy, Egg, Artificial Colours or Flavours.

How to use FODZYME:

  1. Sprinkle. Cover your meal with the FODZYME powder evenly to help it integrate with your food.
  2. STIR. Give your food a good mix if you can. Otherwise, a full dose on the first bite will work just as well!
  3. Indulge in your favourite flavours with confidence and forget about the fear of FODMAPs.


How is FODZYME different from other digestive enzyme products?

Not all enzymes are equal. Enzymes are highly specialized proteins that only break down specific molecules (also known as substrates). While there are many other digestive enzyme products in the market, the enzymes they carry do not target FODMAPs. 

FODZYME is the first enzyme preparation to target the FODMAPs fructans, galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), and lactose. One of our major innovations is our patent-pending inulinase formulation which is the first in the market to break down the fructans in garlic, onion, wheat, banana, and many more foods. 

What is inulinase?

As its name suggests, inulinase is an enzyme that breaks down inulin. Inulin is the subtype of fructan that is found in common foods like garlic, onion, beetroot, bananas, dates, zucchini, etc. More specifically, inulinase hydrolyzes terminal, non-reducing 2,1- and 2,6-linked β-D-fructofuranose residues in fructans and have been extensively documented for this use.[1][2][3]

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Why is FODZYME™ a powder when most enzyme products are offered as a capsule or caplet?

We love being asked this question because we get to geek out about our discoveries! Quick answer is that adding a powder directly to food is by far the most efficacious way. We know from extensive testing over the past year that swallowing capsules and caplets is a most ineffective way to deliver an enzyme supplement. This is because the enzymes need to mix well with the food to get to its substrates (e.g. fructan) within the food.

Unlike adding the powder directly to the food or chewing it with the first bite, swallowing an enzyme supplement like a pill does not allow the enzyme to sufficiently work into the food! In fact, the capsule is literally a wall to keep the enzymes from getting to their substrates. The enzymes in pill form remain localized until it is too late: the pH of your gastric tract becomes unfavorable for the enzymes to work or the enzymes become digested themselves. Hence, during the window of time after you eat, it is crucial to maximize food-enzyme-homogenization, and this is what our powder form achieves.

That being said, we understand that powder may not be convenient for you to use all the time, especially while dining out or on the go. That's why we are currently developing a chewable tablet form of FODZYME meant to be taken immediately before a meal. This version is specially formulated to maximize enzyme distribution and stability, so efficacy need not be sacrificed for convenience. Stay tuned!

Is FODZYME™ clinically proven to work?

We spent the last year running in-house clinical experiments to validate the efficacy of FODZYME™ on FODMAPs. Our experiments involved consuming absurd amounts of FODMAPs (e.g. 5 FiberOne bars at a time which are packed with fructans) to test and stress-test FODZYME™ and optimize for dosage and mode of administration. We've gathered promising data showing significant reductions in symptoms like gas and diarrhea when FODZYME™ was administered compared to placebo. See below for the results of our 5 FiberOne bar trials (5 FiberOne bars contain approximately 40g of fructan—the equivalent fructan content of 80 cloves of garlic!). The trials were randomized, single-blinded, and conducted on brave healthy volunteers. Symptoms were tracked for a 24-hour period following fructan consumption. Six regular doses of FODZYME™ were administered to compensate for the outrageous amount of fructan.

These results make us confident that our product is efficacious and that our enzymes degrade FODMAPs in the human gut.

That said, we are not stopping here. We are currently working on a clinical trial protocol with world-renowned gastroenterologists to demonstrate FODZYME™'s efficacy under robust, university-led conditions. Clinical trials take time, so we ask for your patience and support while we work to publish our clinical validation.